Where to Watch Food Wars

If you are searching for many websites to look at Food Wars online, you’ve arrived at the best place.

Food Wars! Or Shokugeki no Soma is (and that I don’t say this gently) AMAZING! It’s certainly one of individuals animes when someone walks in for you watching it, they might visit a heartbreaking and emotional scene, a tense and fast-paced action scene or they might visit a slot gacor gaggle of horny little cherubs fondling a woman’s breast while she eats food.

Watch Food Wars! is really a shonen, which placing a cooking anime within the same demographic as Jujutsu Kaisen, Dragon Ball, and Naruto may seem confusing with individuals. However, not since the very first time I saw Gordon Ramsey call a chef a donkey and let them know to “F*** off” have I discovered cooking this exciting.

But watching Food Wars! could be more difficult than cooking a few of the food from Food Wars! I understand because I’ve done both. If you wish to see it subtitled it’s a little simpler, but for whatever reason, most streaming services treat the Dub and Sub like two entirely different shows.

And if you wish to watch the dub it’s difficult since most streaming services treat each season from the dub as different series altogether. Because watching the show can be difficult, I’ve complied a summary of how and where to look at Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma.

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma Plot:

Soma Yukihira is used in the esteemed Totsuki Culinary Academy by his father Joichiro Yukihira. Soma must discover a method to stick out among probably the most skilled youthful chefs on the planet. His method of climbing the ladder? Challenge as many folks because he can to some Food War.

Where you can Watch Food Wars Online

Also, it’s understandable that if you value anime then you need to support the development of anime. And sometimes it means sitting through ads. So this is a summary of legal streaming sites.


Netflix has Food Wars dubbed and subbed which is easily available. They are able to involve some anime measuring only their way.


It’s no problem finding watching Food Wars.

Netflix features a small, when compared with other pursuits relating to this list, library of anime. Nonetheless its ever-growing and both subs and dubs are frequently accessible.


They just hold the initial few seasons without any word yet when they’ll convey more episodes

This program you decide on greatly is determined by your needs. The essential plan’s fine if you’re not discussing on another mind standard definition.


Hulu like Netflix has the first two seasons of Food Wars dubbed and subbed.


Both Subs and Dubs are easily accessible

HD Quality


Only has the first two seasons

If you’re just looking for anime you can just ignore the live TV options.


HBOMax is a streaming service from – Well, HBO. The service offers a large library of movies, even new releases that are released the same day as in theaters for no additional cost. They also share some of Crunchyroll’s library. Their anime is probably the smallest on this list but what it does have is in amazing quality and easily accessible.


It’s easy to search and find Food Wars!


They only have seasons 4 and 5

They only have the English Dub of season 4. As in there is no option for the Japanese voice-over.


VRV is a one-stop-shop for animation. It combines Crunchyrolls library with Hi Dives and many more. Also, if you buy VRV premium you also get Crunchyroll Premium for no extra charge.

VRV has all the seasons of Food Wars subbed and the first 4 seasons dubbed (the 5th season hasn’t been dubbed yet).


Watching the sub is simple as searching for Food Wars! And selecting the season you want from a drop-down menu. Though you can’t access dubs here.

They have every season of Food Wars!

A LARGE library of anime here. Most of the anime that’s currently streaming can be found here.


Searching for the Dubbed version of Food Wars is a pain. It treats the dubbed and subbed versions of the show like they’re in entirely different shows. It also treats each season of the dub-like entirely different shows. So, you’ll have to search for each season of the dub separately.


9.99 with included Crunchyroll Fan account makes this the best deal on this list.